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Meet the Crew
Phil Krogh, owner of Dryer Vent Solutions, has been cleaning dryer vents throughout Western Washington for twenty years.
Commercial Vent Cleaning
We offer complete dryer vent cleaning and maintenance services for apartments, condominiums, town homes, and other buildings.
What are People Saying About Us?
We have created a culture of excellence and it shows when you ask people we have helped. Read the reviews and see for yourself.
Advantages of Dryer Vent
There are numerous benefits from cleaning your dryer vent. From increased efficiency, to fire prevention.

Who we are!

Dryer Vent Solutions is the areas trusted source for effective, affordable, commercial dryer vent cleaning. For over 30 years Phil Krogh, Company Owner, has provided the Woodinville, WA area with dryer vent cleaning services. We use a unique cleaning method that guarantees your vents will run better and the air flow will be restored. We are experts at cleaning in those hard to reach spaces such as vents located in crawl spaces or damaged vents hidden behind walls. Our regular customers receive prompt same day or next day service on most work.

Specialized Equipment

Outside Cleaning
Our cleaning procedure uses unique cleaning tools and techniques to clean condominiums and multi-unit apartments thoroughly from the outside. Residents do not normally need to provide access inside their apartments for routine cleaning.
The Jet-Snake
Our unique Jet-Snake blows and vacuums at the same time.
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What are common dryer vent problems?

Bird nests are one of the most prevalent causes of plugged dryer vents. Bird problems can be fixed by installing vent covers and bird guards over the outside vent openings. Dryer Vent Solutions installs vent covers or bird guards depending on the specific needs of a building. Another common problem are crushed hoses behind dryers in small laundry closets. Solutions to this problem include cutting a hole in the drywall around the vent to reconfigure the hose or installing a Dryerbox, a recessed metal box that allows the dryer to be pushed all the way against a wall.
For more information on our unique and effective vent cleaning call Dry Vent Solutions in Woodinville, WA now at 425-398-5001.