Meet The Staff

Philip Kroph - Owner of Dryer Vent Solutions in Woodinville WA
Philip Krogh, Owner of Dryer Vent Solutions
Philip Krogh has been in the industrial vacuum service business for over 30 years. He started out in the field of social work after college, but after working for a power vacuum company found he preferred helping people by unplugging their oil furnaces in the dead of winter. He started his own duct and furnace cleaning company in 1989, and over the years the company has become dryer vent cleaning specialists. Phil Krogh and his three employees are experts at finding hard to reach vents in crawl spaces and damaged vents in walls. Dryer Vent Solutions also repairs damaged dryer vents and re-vents dryers when necessary. Phil Krogh is a longtime member of RHA and values the information it provides to the rental community.

For more information or to book a cleaning appointment, You can reach Phil and Dryer Vent Solutions at 425-398-5001.